How to pray

Stop struggling, stop trying to do it on your own, with your own power. Be like a trusting child who has no doubt that her Father will see and respond to her need. He is so much bigger, so much stronger, so much more loving and compassionate than you can understand. Do you know what... Continue Reading →

God with us

Hillsong came out with a beautiful Christmas album last year and it has become a morning staple for me. The lyrics of this song help me focus on Jesus - who He is, and who I am to him. I encourage you to listen to this song and read the lyrics, and just ponder for... Continue Reading →

Advent devotions for 2012Happy Advent! I know it's been a long time, but I have been thinking of my lonely little blog and thought I should start writing again. I am so excited to get into this! :)Also, for phones and tablets: download Solid Joyswhy? because...

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