Tragedy last night in my former home. Praying for God's peace and healing for the affected. California gunman kills 6

How to make God rejoice!

Proverbs is full of wisdom, but nothing strikes me more than this little passage:My son, if your heart is wise,    then my heart will be glad indeed;my inmost being will rejoice    when your lips speak what is right. Prov 23:15-16It says that if we choose God's will, His heart will be glad and His inmost being will rejoice. That's a... Continue Reading →

Truth of the “Satanic Temple”

I don't usually like to even touch issues like this, but I just had to say that the crux of the issue is being overshadowed by hatred and ignorance. (Pun intended) After hearing what the spokesperson for Satanic Temple had to say about the monument in Oklahoma, and the "Black Mass" in Boston, it sounds like... Continue Reading →

Happy Feast of St. Joseph the Worker

Never forget that Joseph worked.That Jesus worked.That Mary worked. Joseph was a "tekton," in the Greek. So was Jesus. This is often translated as carpenter, but woodworker, craftsman, handyman, or even day laborer, are all good translations. Jesus worked as a "tekton" for upwards of 18 years. Jesus, Mary and Joseph honored the Sabbath and... Continue Reading →

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