Let’s Study Together! – New online Bible Study starting Jan 26

Hi Friends, Starting January 26, I'm going to start this online bible study written by one of my favorite authors and bloggers, Lysa TerKeurst. I've done what feels like hundreds of bible studies, but all that knowledge is as good as rubbish if I'm not applying it. But that's not all, I want to study with YOU! So make yourself a cup of tea, log on, and let's meet for a 6 week bible study. All are welcome. Won't you join me? I hope to see you there!

Just hit send

Does anyone else do this? You take forever writing an email because you keep doing more editing than actual writing, and then once hitting send, you immediately open up your sent mail and read and reread the same email you just spent 3 hours on, poring over it, rereading it aloud to yourself, and continuing... Continue Reading →

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