God’s Delay, Our Joy

What shall we do in the meantime, while we wait in the painful place where comfort and peace feel so far away from our present situation? How can we make the jump from pain to joy? The answer is, we must wait well.

No Wasted Days

I might be doing all the right things: going to church, serving, reading the Bible, etc. But I am not benefitting as I should if I am not resting in that joy of the Lord.

If we must suffer, suffer well

It feels counter intuitive to our flesh that leaning into God could possibly resolve our inner turmoil. The wisdom of the unbelieving world might call that "sticking your head in the sand" or "being in denial". But I found from experience that getting out of my own head truly was the antidote to this inner turmoil.

Why we celebrate Advent

Like a father who is coaxing his daughter to jump in the pool, our Father coaxes us to just trust. Even though nothing makes sense and even though we have seen how heavy things sink to the bottom. We jump because we know that our Father is good and has never failed us in the past. We jump because of his track record.

Who is this King of glory?

Life is a see-saw of constant conversion. Believers naturally desire obedience because of the Holy Spirit within their hears. But how do we keep on track when messy human-ness gets in the way?

He is sufficient

Lord, give us your wisdom to understand in our hearts, deep inside, that when life is hard, when thousands of burdens rail at us from the business side of a new week, what it means to be satisfied and contented with you.

In the palm of His hand

There is a dangerous misconception that we cannot receive God's grace until we "clean up our act". My chance encounter with someone who did not seem to believe in her own worthiness served to remind me that grace is ours for the taking, regardless of what we have done. We have only to receive it with humility and faith.

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