He’s the God of my bookshelf, too

I love everything having to do with literature. I love the smell of books. I love stories that make you think. I love creating my own stories. I love drawing connections between stories. I love the way my books somehow find their ways onto the floor, flung over the sofa, propped open next to the... Continue Reading →

Does God lead your writings?

Happy Sunday dear readers! I bring you an exciting and challenging realization... We are starting a new sermon series at my church for the summer, going through this book. I am barely through the first part of the first chapter and I had to set the book down and blog about it! 😉 From the... Continue Reading →

Pure worthiness

If you're like me, you've probably already started about 20 books this year because you just can't pick one. I'm the type of reader that reads multiple books at the same time. (Check out my Goodreads list!) Now, I was trying to decide on a topic to work on and I happened upon this book... Continue Reading →

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