I was rescued

My story is simple. But simple can be powerful. The truth is, I was dead in my sin: anxious, panicky, worried for the future, wound tightly up into myself. Believing Jesus and beginning to walk in his way, freed me from all the burdens I was trying to carry myself. Now I have incomprehensible, unimaginable, other-worldly peace. It's a peace only God can give. Life is still painful and tragedy remains unchanged, but with God, in Jesus, I can walk through anything unscathed.

This is the Gospel-

That Jesus Christ has a perfect record, and when we believe in Him, he gives it to us. he lived the life we should have lived, and died the death we should have died in our place, so that when we believe our sins are pardoned and "we are counted righteous in his sight". This... Continue Reading →

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