If we must suffer, suffer well

It feels counter intuitive to our flesh that leaning into God could possibly resolve our inner turmoil. The wisdom of the unbelieving world might call that "sticking your head in the sand" or "being in denial". But I found from experience that getting out of my own head truly was the antidote to this inner turmoil.

How will you measure your 2019?

Now in 2020 I want to DEPEND on him and know what that really is like. And so, now that I know where I’ve been, I can turn toward where I am going: Into the unknown with a cloud of glory leading the way and more glory following behind me. Isn’t that how we should face every day? We are forever traveling to our destinations, whether it is to Egypt or Babylon, or back to Jerusalem to rebuild. But the whole way we know that our ultimate destination is to be with our Good Father forever, even though we must spend a while in exile.

My Weakness, His Strength †

 I failed again, for the umpteenth time. I set out to meditate on good, but my mind barely goes as far as judgement or hate --whichever makes me feel the best about myself at the time. I no sooner finish dedicating my day to Love, than I turn around and say something passive-aggressive to my... Continue Reading →

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