In the palm of His hand

There is a dangerous misconception that we cannot receive God's grace until we "clean up our act". My chance encounter with someone who did not seem to believe in her own worthiness served to remind me that grace is ours for the taking, regardless of what we have done. We have only to receive it with humility and faith.

Redeeming a tabloid past

This morning over my coffee and Facebook feed I clicked on an intriguing article. It was about Natalie "Octomom" Suleman, who has decided to kill off the persona of the past and embrace a fresh start and a new life.

Parched for living water

Sometimes I feel I have become stuck and stagnant. My "religion" has turned from a true desire to follow God, to going through the motions of reading my bible and going to church. I read the same passage over and over again, and realize that I am hardened against the action that God wants to take... Continue Reading →

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