The “catch-up” illusion

When a day of school is missed, we make up a test. When we get behind at work, we must stay late to finish. When it becomes impossible to make ends meet, we use a credit card to get by. We must earn and pay back the money borrowed.

It seems like the logical thing to do, but making up for borrowed time is all an illusion. The time has already passed! I think I’m”playing catch-up”, as they say, but really, I am stealing time that was appointed for other things.

It is already January 5th and I’ve already failed to meditate on daily scripture about 3 days out of 5. My problem is that I immediately dismiss that fact and tell myself I’ll do it later, but I’ll do all of it in one sitting. That gives me a temporary reprieve and I can continue doing whatever it was that I was doing. That isn’t the point!

All my life I have labored under the idea of making up for lost time, but no more. Today I will focus on what’s important and there is no better time than the present!



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