An invitation

I am part of an online Bible study and you are invited.

I’ve actually been doing one for a while with 2-3 other ladies from Santa Barbara. When I temporarily left that beautiful place behind in 2013 (blame the husband) I wanted to continue studying and meeting, and as it happens, I work for a company that makes online meeting software… so we decided to meet online and the rest is history.

While group therapy is torture to me, I love being a part of bible studies. (No knocking therapy, but I find it less helpful than directly seeking God in my troubles.) You’d think it’s all pretending and pretentious and fake, but I think it only gets like that when the members allow it. We are imperfect but genuine. We ask real life hard questions and pray for each other throughout the week. It’s simple but it works for me.

We usually meet Mondays at 4 pm for about an hour, but are flexible week to week to allow for our schedules. To join the meeting, go to

All are invited. You don’t have to be Christian already, you don’t have to be prepared at all. You don’t even have to go outside or put pants on (although we do ask the webcam to be top-half). All you need is an open heart and mind. Now how easy is that?


A brief word of caution:

The only purpose of Bible study is to be in relationship with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. That is the overarching goal.

Personally, I am often in danger of caring more about the lesson done than spending time allowing it to seep into my heart. I’m a homework kind of person so I love having questions to answer, notebooks to fill, and books stacked all around me. So naturally, learning about my faith and scripture in this way is very attractive to me. But when we put something’s importance in front of God, it is essentially becoming an idol so we (read: I) must be careful.

I know that many of us are not “homework-type” people. I want to say to the faithful out there – don’t let this “busywork” intimidate or turn you off. Don’t think that it’s the only way to learn. And for Heaven’s sake don’t give up seeking rest in Him! 🙂 


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