4-D ultrasounds show fetuses grimacing as mothers smoke, study says | Fox News

4-D ultrasounds show fetuses grimacing as mothers smoke, study says | Fox News.

Saw this on Twitter with some pretty scathing remarks about “Liberals”. I don’t like to make blanket accusations, or use “Liberals” or “Conservatives” as a word for groups of people just as diverse as they are to each other. [Twitter is great, but it also encourages people to speak without thinking, and in 140 characters. ]

This is heartbreaking and horrifying, and I think 4D ultrasounds are already creepy on their own. It’s the same face I make when I get a whiff of smoke nearby. I can’t help it, it’s a reflex.

There’s no question – as soon as our children are born we begin making mistakes with them. It looks like women who choose to smoke while pregnant, in spite of the warnings and what I consider, general knowledge that it causes birth defects – are starting a bit earlier than the rest of us. I don’t think we need big long studies to tell us this.

I’ve never been addicted to cigarettes but I sincerely hope this gives a more convincing visual to those who might find themselves unable to stop when they are pregnant. After all, being a mother means it’s not about you anymore.

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