Parenting, Bonding, and Reading Aloud by Jenny Houlroyd

Beautiful letter from mother to daughter on our desperate need for stories in a dark world…

Nerdy Book Club

To my dearest daughter,

I was deceived to believe that the answers to my parenting questions could be found in the non-fiction section of any bookstore. My analytical mind wanted to solve each problem like a complex scientific experiment. This method worked in the beginning. When you cried, I made a hypothesis and tested it. Did you need your diaper changed? Were you hungry? Did you need to be burped? As the days turned into weeks and the weeks turned into months, my ability to correctly project the outcome improved. I really believed that I had nailed this parenting thing.

As you grew, your “Whys” sent me running to the reference isle of the library in search of answers to questions ranging from how many people live in China to why are there different types of clouds. I still found the answers in the non-fiction section, but these books cannot…

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