How to Win at Advent

I had a great idea for an Advent blog series this year. In my mind, I had booklets and devotions and things I was going to read, make, and give. Come that first morning of Advent, I would jump out of bed bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to meditate, savor, and discover what divine joy was in store for me. I was going to win at advent and it would all commence at the starter’s pistol of my alarm clock.

But then 6 am on Dec 1 passed… and then 6 more days happened.

Surely December 7 is too late to start? This morning, I opened up my blog’s admin center with head hung in shame as I faced the reality of my failure. I had not lived up to the expectation. I had already failed.

My life can be summed up by this screen shot:


Plans unfinished.

But isn’t that just the point? I can’t tell you how I was blessed in stumbling across The Year of the Imperfect Advent this morning. In it, Hannah C. Hall talks about the hopes and dreams she had for this season, only to be bitterly disappointed by reality.

But then she realized where she had missed the point:

Yes, Advent calendars bring daily attention to His coming. Parties and programs point us to rejoicing in Him. Devotions can lead us into holy conversations with our kids. But none of these will save our children, nor make us the best moms, nor make our plans go off without a hitch.

There’s only one thing our children need to celebrate Advent. There’s only one thing we need: Our God. Wrapped in baby-soft flesh. Conceived by the Holy Spirit. Perfection accomplished.

He is all we need this Advent.

Jesus has come.

And He is enough.

An invisible weight lifted off my heard at the words “Jesus is enough”.  We are all in a frenzy to be so faithful that we ironically lose sight of the point of Advent, and indeed choosing to be called a Christian.

I remember the truth of Philippians 1:6: For I am sure of this very thing, that the one who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.

God’s work on me was begun when I first believed, but it has not finished. I’m still being transformed and will continue to be transformed until either I go to see Him, or He comes to see me.

Amid the Pinterest-picture-perfect holiday rush, can we all just admit that we are already safe, even without the trimmings and accomplished lists ?

This year I just want to be intentional about each day because I spend all year long forgetting that He is enough. So what if I didn’t start “On Time”? I’m here now and it is time to soak up the love of God which is without fear or shame.

How to win at


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