I Regret

I'm 1 month shy of my 29th birthday and I have grey hairs. More than a few, like enough to warrant never parting my hair on the left. I've never really bought into all the "oh no, I'm 30 :(" hype. But in entering the last year of my 20s I'm starting to understand what they... Continue Reading →

hubs and spokes

The airport always reminds me of this great sermon i heard by Steven Furtick from elevation church called "Hubs and Spokes". The main point was that sometimes God needs to "send" you to a certain place until you're ready for what he has in store. I think it was in a series about waiting on... Continue Reading →

God used my anxiety

A few years ago, I spent 5 days in the hospital being treated for anxiety, panic, and depression. As part of my discharge plan, I was required to attend 12 hours a week of group therapy. I absolutely loathed it. On the days we had group, I went around dreading the 3 hour session. Once there, I... Continue Reading →

I think you’re really great!

I spent yesterday evening at a friend's high school graduation party. As we were watching him open his cards and read all the inspiring messages, I thought back to my own high school graduation and how everyone came over to our house and watched me do the same thing way back when dinosaurs roamed the... Continue Reading →

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