hubs and spokes

The airport always reminds me of this great sermon i heard by Steven Furtick from elevation church called “Hubs and Spokes”. The main point was that sometimes God needs to “send” you to a certain place until you’re ready for what he has in store. I think it was in a series about waiting on the Lord, and boy have I needed that message in the past few years. Sadly i confess i have spent much of the last 2 years complaining and whining about not having what I wanted, which was to be married to my boyfriend. It’s always easier to say that in hindsight, and now that I have the ring on my finger (thanks be to God!) NEW desires have been placed on my heart. To be a devoted wife, a loving mother, a gracious hostess, perhaps a bible study leader, looking ahead to the new church and circles of friends we will encounter when we move in together. These are just the few things that occur to me now, but I’m sure there are more.
However I feel the most important at this moment is to continue to seek after Jesus and grow up in faith under his watchful eye. I naturally undulate between dissatisfaction and contentment so I pray harder than ever that this can be a particularly fruitful time of sweetness and growth.

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