What I gained by losing my luggage

Yesterday I spent more than 10 hours traveling with three connecting flights and almost no sleep, only to find that there was no bag for me when I arrived at my home destination. Maybe this has happened to you before, maybe not, but perhaps you can still sympathize with that feeling of “….oh no….” as a laundry list of lost items floods through your mind. (Particularly my iPhone 5 chargers, both of them, which as we know are not cheap!)
I needed answers and I wanted them NOW. I waited at the airline check-in desk for 20 minutes before I had to track someone  down and request help myself. Now, I work in customer service. I know what it feels like on the other side of that desk. I remembered to check my attitude and frustration and treat the woman like a human. I do not think it is conceited to say that God has definitely graced me with a very keen sense understanding and patience. It’s certainly not my doing! Even this morning when I realized I’ve lost all my laptop and underwear and makeup, I don’t despair. I am rightly upset about it but I don’t feel terrible. Thanks be  to God that something worse didn’t happen like ME getting lost or dying in a plane crash. (An unavoidable thought every time I fly)
Still, as a natural product of our American culture in 2013 I mourn the loss of material things and use this experience to grow closer to Jesus whom I can never lose, because  he will never let me become lost. No airport or love of possessions or any amount of frustration can separate me from his love or his grasp on me. And that’s what I gained by losing my bag.

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