I was rescued

My story is simple. But simple can be powerful. The truth is, I was dead in my sin: anxious, panicky, worried for the future, wound tightly up into myself. Believing Jesus and beginning to walk in his way, freed me from all the burdens I was trying to carry myself. Now I have incomprehensible, unimaginable, other-worldly peace. It's a peace only God can give. Life is still painful and tragedy remains unchanged, but with God, in Jesus, I can walk through anything unscathed.

Lament like King David

Biblical lament is an expression of sorrow poured out to God. It willingly bends under the pain of earthly circumstance and continues to trust in the face of doubt.

Transform Your Thought Life

Because of his love for us, he has given us a solution for our restless minds. His word. (The Bible) The Word. (Jesus) Yes, he has already given us the key for transforming our minds from lost to found, and it rests in our saying YES to him. By receiving and accepting wisdom we can grow in maturity, faithfulness, and holiness.

The Refiner’s fire

We get a peek into God’s point of view when it comes to allowing suffering in our lives. While we will never truly know why this or that was allowed to come upon us, the Word of God offers comfort through this concept of the refiner’s fire as a path to intimacy, fellowship, and righteousness before God. Is not this the end goal of every believer’s longing heart? Closeness with Him who loves our souls?

Let’s Read Proverbs

Designed for a 5-day week, these plans are kind and forgiving to the busy person who is prone to falling behind on reading because you have two extra weekend days to make it up. And even if you stay permanently behind, who cares? Reading the Bible is not a race to perfection; it is an intimate step into God’s heart for his people. Take it at your own pace and keep your eyes fixed on Jesus, the author of your faith (Hebrews 12:2).

Why We All Need to Study the Bible

One of the best things a Christian can do is take in the solid teaching of local church leaders and compare it to the Bible. Armed with this information and the guidance of the Holy Spirit through prayer, we can make the best judgement for ourselves whether what we are hearing matches up with what God has said.

Joshua 24

Joshua 24 “Choose today whom you will serve” As his last recorded discourse, Joshua recounts once more all that God has done for their people, starting all the way back with Abraham and ending with the present day situation. After many years of conflict, slavery, war, exile, and wandering - during which God did not... Continue Reading →

Joshua 23

Joshua 23 “If you disobey the Lord will no longer fight for you” In Joshua’s last warnings to Israel, he repeats two concepts several times. The first, to remember what the Lord has done for them, in fighting for them to conquer many peoples and give them the land He promised them. None of the... Continue Reading →

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