Why we celebrate Advent

Like a father who is coaxing his daughter to jump in the pool, our Father coaxes us to just trust. Even though nothing makes sense and even though we have seen how heavy things sink to the bottom. We jump because we know that our Father is good and has never failed us in the past. We jump because of his track record.

The “getting” is good

I scoffed when I saw this on a cheap decorative canvas at Ross. It's the kind of thing that gets passed over at department stores so long that they have to send it to...Ross. How incredibly cliche, and yet - how incredibly true. If the destination is Heaven with Jesus, then the journey should surely not... Continue Reading →

Submitting My Desires to Him

  All the Psalms are wonderful because they are so honest and perfectly applicable to human experience in any day and age. But one of my favorites is Psalm 73 because it describes something that I encounter almost daily: unbelievers who “don’t need” God. It’s the challenge of a lifetime to live “in the world,... Continue Reading →

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