How to find joy in waiting on the Lord!

Waiting on the Lord is a very difficult thing to do.

I waited almost 3 years after meeting my future husband to become his wife. I knew from the beginning I wanted it to be him, but it just wasn’t time. We could have rushed ahead and forced it to happen, and I could have ended it all in fear and frustration that it wouldn’t.

Waiting is not always pleasant because you can tend to despair and feel sorry for yourself. If you’re lucky you might find some good soul who doesn’t mind listening to you complain and wonder aloud what is taking so long. And yet, it’s needless suffering, there is no reason to live that way! God asks us to wait in Patience, in Hope, and in Prayer . If it makes you anxious, He offers a shoulder to bear the burden.

I’m a dweller. I like to dwell on things internally, and because of that I struggle with depression and anxiety. It’s very hard to turn off my brain when something feels out of balance. The biggest mistake I made while waiting was allowing too much doubt and despair to seep in. In my case, only by prayer and having others pray for and with me, and only by a large gift of faith, was I able to eventually come to a relative place of peace and contentment. Then, the waiting became sweet.

It just came down to praying with conviction of God’s faithfulness and my unworthiness:

God, I really want _____. You know my heart, you see all. I know you have a better plan than I could imagine. Please forgive my tears and doubt and impatience. Thank you so much for my faith. Thank you that the desire for ____ is a good desire, from you. I’m so glad that you are in control. I don’t want anything for myself that you don’t want for me right now. I can’t wait for ___ because____. Thank you for the hope I have for that to come one day, and even if your answer is no, thank you so much for loving me enough to keep me from something you don’t want for me.

Help me to keep a right perspective, keep me from self pity and despair. When I stumble, lift me up with angels’ wings and remind me of your truth, that more than anything I could ever desire, you have already given in your Son Jesus.

Waiting on the Lord for that big dream (proposal, baby, raise, etc) is no longer painful and full of grieving when you offer it to God with your whole heart. An open-heart, letting-go prayer turns the drudgery into joy because you have the confidence that God is pleased with a sincere plea. He will never turn away from an honest prayer, and that is His promise


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