Early morning strength

There is nothing I love better than sitting on my balcony with a cup of coffee and a bible. Early morning, preferably, before others are awake.
Camera 360I’m a big believer in getting started on the day on the right foot. If I haven’t gotten enough sleep or eaten in the morning I feel sort of off-kilter all day. But communing with the Lord is even more important with that. I try to read scripture in the morning but sometimes I prefer to read a spiritual book like Imitation of Christ, or Morning & Evening by Spurgeon. It helps to have something grab my attention before anything has the chance.
I no longer have the routine I once did, which was to take a prayer walk every morning during my break. The beauty of the early morning and the weakness I wake up in, coupled with the goodness and promises of the Lord got me to a place of peace and readiness for the day, more than I can describe. Indeed, beyond understanding. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to find what works. Now, in a different place, I’m working to find what I can do to keep up some sort of morning-tradition.
What tradition do you have in the morning? Do you take care of your need for prayer in the morning? How could you make changes to do so?

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