Seeking God: The source of mercy


Reading: Isaiah 11:2-3, Psalm 85:1-13

Christ: Do not forget the mercy that I have shown you. Yes, even though I knew that there would be many sins to come, I wanted to cover your sins because I knew you could not do it yourself. Know that there will be a short time of grief while you are here, but take heart for I am faithful. Keep your eyes fixed on Me and my Father’s will and you will receive a harvest of spiritual abundance, for I am the source of your blessings.

Think: How has the the Lord shown me mercy? What kind of abundance have I known in the past?

Pray: Lord, time and again you lift us out of the mire we create for ourselves. Help me to remember your loyal love to me. Daily remind me that I am powerless to manufacture my own joy, that it all arises from you. May I resolve to allow your Spirit to lead me today, for you alone have the Spirit of counsel and wisdom. Amen.



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~The PD Team

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