Seeking God: Lost & Found

Reading: Ezekiel 34:11-12, Psalm 11:1-7

Christ: Life gets so complicated and confusing when you do not know which one truth to stand upon. When I found you, you were wandering in circles with no idea which way was up. I made my presence known to you slowly but surely until you could not help but notice me, and finally you did acknowledge me. I love to see you look up to Heaven seeking Me and My will. Now that you are found, won’t you partner with me to reach the others who are lost? (3)

Think: As a son or daughter of God, what is my responsibility toward others who are still lost? I represent the household and reputation of my Father in Heaven. Who are the people in my life who need him, and what does it mean for me to love them?

Pray: Dear Lord, Thank you for granting me Yourself as a safe refuge. I pray for every soul that does not yet know you, that they would have ears to hear your call. I trust that you have placed me around the exact people. Let me partner with you to love those people and point them back to you with the example of my life.


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~The PD Team

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