Seeking God: A greater redemption

Reading: Jeremiah 23:7-8, Psalm 126:1-6

Christ: The bondage under Babylon was to be so severe that even the Egyptian slavery from generations before would pale in comparison. Sometimes My Father wills certain periods of intense captivity because it He wants your attention. Along with that, he longs to demonstrate His ability to deliver His people. Observe that in Psalm 126, their pain was turned to laughter and all the nations praised God, saying, The Lord has done great things for them! (2).jpg

Think: What hardships in my life might serve as an example of God’s restoration? How does my reaction to these hardships affect how others see God’s work?

Pray: Dear Lord, You grant specific troubles to every individual, people, and nation and yet you never fail to deliver us from our captivity. Through Jesus, you delivered us for the last time from sin. Now we no longer bow down under the weight of the law. All captivity, any troubles we now see are temporary. For through it may seem too heavy now this affliction is light compared to the eternal glory which is saved for us in Heaven with you (2 Corinthians 4:17). Amen.


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~The PD Team

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