No longer a slave

Unhealed pain creeps into the dark corners of our hearts, lying and locking the healing out. I did not fully understand this until today.

If I cannot embrace and accept that pain, neither will Jesus ever be invited into it. He’s not going to break down the door, but waits to be invited in.

Have you ever willingly embraced a hurt in order to let Jesus heal?

I want to share a message by  Christa Black Gifford here because it is so good, but in particular the section between 9:10 & 10:25 hit me like a ton of bricks:

If you cannot connect with God, I guarantee you it is because you have not connected with your own heart.

[We say] ‘No God, it’s all about you…’ No it isn’t… and let me tell you why: he had that. It’s called Pre-Creation.

He didn’t like it, so he created you.

He said ‘It’s not all about Me, it’s all about Me and you.’ The fullness of you combined with the fullness of Me…

It would be way better if it was all him, okay? Guys, we have to take ownership in the equation. He made you as a mini-him, a co-creator with him

We have to move out of the slavery zone into the friendship zone where we are completely submitted to him and we begin to act as co-creators to create things on this universe… 

Friends, my heart began to beat out of my chest when I heard that. Because I am SO all about pushing all the glory onto God and refusing to see my own mess as something I have control over. Control, in that I have the right as a child of God to ask for help. Instead however,  I become the slave in worship – Yes Lord, Yes Lord, it’s all You. And I deny it until my heart bursts and I land in the spiritual emergency room.

My messy, messy heart is so beloved by Him. He wants to be invited into it. Yes, to clean it up, but also to just be there in the mess. Pain is unavoidable in this broken world, and if it has to happen, I can think of no better Comforter to be there. He wants to stand there sweeping while I throw tantrums face down in the carpet. He is gloriously patient, loving, and so willing to work it all out alongside us.

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