What I’ve learned in 10 years of Blogging 

Tea & Testimony is 10 years old!

It started as a mark of the outpouring of joy because the lord was transforming me left and right in so many ways. While I believe I was saved early on in life, but it wasn’t until 2012 that I seriously began to both wrestle with and pursue God. I was overwhelmed in a good way with what I was learning and I knew that I needed to share it. So I did what anyone looking for a soapbox would do in 2012 – I got to blogging!

Some of my earlier writings here are simple expressions of praise or very elementary explanations of the concepts I was learning. As I went I began to develop plans for what the blog could be and do for the Church. I have written about several different subjects relevant to believers, but one topic that keeps coming back again and again in my writing is the topic of witness.

Now thinking back on it, my blog was sort of a cowardly answer to God’s call on my life because I knew I needed to write about faith, and I get genuine satisfaction and thrill from doing so, but sharing it was a different story. 

To me, the idea of sharing my faith with real people that I know, not faceless strangers through the internet, TERRIFIED me and I know that I missed a ton of blessings God wanted to give, because of my fear of people. 

However, it has still ultimately been a blessing because I have learned what is possibly the most important (or most basic) thing about following Jesus.

It’s not about me.

I made it about me for such a long time, and I really believe that I was innocently doing that for many years, basically until now, because I just didn’t know what I was doing, by making my writing career “secret” from everyone. Now that I’m aware, I can’t do that anymore.

It’s a little humbling to realize that this whole time I thought I was doing this big grand thing for God, but really, he’s been patiently waiting to teach me to be humble.

Faith blogging (aka Writing) takes real humility because every time I put virtual pen to paper I have to remember who I am writing for and why. It’s not to scratch an intellectual itch, but to help others draw nearer to God. 

I want so much for everyone to experience the inexplicable peace that comes when you stop striving for “enlightenment” and lean on Jesus to provide your righteousness for you. It’s only when you start aligning your desires with His eternal ones, that you can truly be free to pursue your passions. Otherwise, you’re only pursuing yourself and that is a losing battle.

No matter where your passion lay (sports, mechanics, hosting dinner parties, whatever!) it is your overflowing joy in Jesus that people notice. So don’t give up on the things that you love. You never know who is watching.

As for me, I am thrilled to keep writing, to equip and edify and encourage. This is what it’s all about for believers on this side of history, as we all wait for Jesus to come back. Let’s not stop working for Him.

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