Introvert Culture & the Christian

It’s cool to be an introvert these days. We’ve all seen the memes.

The pandemic made this even more mainstream than it already was in internet meme culture.

And I’d argue that for the Christian, it’s potentially toxic. There are believers who really suffer and I’m not talking about those ones. I’m not here to throw a couple of bible verses in their faces and tell them that they need to “snap out of it”. 

But I’m talking about the Christians who are at risk of adopting this introvert/anxiety-ridden/hopeless culture, because it’s humorous and relatable. 

It’s funny to laugh at reels and posts making light hearted jokes about avoiding social interaction. Buying into “introvert culture” is a stumbling block I have identified in my own walk with Jesus, and a real barrier to my own sanctification. As with everything worldly, there’s a fine line between what we are free to do and what is helpful.

We are allowed to do anything, but not everything is good for us to do. We are allowed to do anything, but not all things help us grow strong as Christians.

1 Corinthians 10:23 NLV

That line is individual and is our own personal convictions on how we should spend our time, and what content we should filter in to our hearts and minds. The Lord makes different things clear to us at different times, as we pour over scripture. 

It is a fact that I personally seek the quiet and peaceful places in my day, free from distractions of family, kids, work, etc. I feel recharged and refreshed when I get to have a regular time by myself to process what I’m going through. But I also know that being a live functioning member of the Church body is important. From experience I have found that a balance, like with most things is vital to a healthy and thriving life.

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  1. First of all not everyone is called for the same thing. What is right for you may not be for another person. You may feel that it is necessary to be a live functioning member of the church. But not everybody is comfortable with that and that does not make them less of a Christian.

    And who in the world taught you that introversion is hopeless and anxiety ridden?? Just because you feel hopeless and anxiety when away from the so called “live functioning church”….don’t assume the same for others. The holy bible is full of people who stayed away from the crowd to pray and fast. Jesus is the prime example. There are several instances in bible which says Jesus withdrawn from public to pray .As you think introversion is not hopeless and anxiety ridden. It is so shameful for you to describe the introvert culture that way. The joke and memes are shared by the people who can relate to it. If you find it cool and not relatable that doesn’t mean you have the right to label it toxic.


    1. Hi Meria,
      First, thank you so much for your thoughtful response. Your points are well taken.

      I hoped to make it clear what I was getting at when I called this “introversion culture” potentially toxic, as a warning for the faithful. Different things ARE different for other people, as we are all at our own points in our faith journeys. It would be inane to suggest we are supposed to be “arrived”.

      However, your example of Jesus being a prime example of an introvert, I’m not sure I agree with. As far as he and many of the faithful over the centuries withdrew to pray, yes. We are commanded in scripture to deny the public display of piety in favor of intimacy with God in private (Mat 6:1-34). Jesus did not shy away from crowds and did not keep away from speaking out either. He drew them and taught them. I don’t think it’s correct to label Jesus with such a limited description. He is God, after all. It might do better to earnestly dig into the definition of “introvert” and what I meant when I wrote this. And I admit, I was a bit at a loss for words to describe the idea I was trying to convey. Perhaps it is not the most accurate word choice. I am still processing this concept!

      Nevertheless, the whole point I was trying to make with this, is that we need to diligently watch over our media intake. We have such a myriad of voices speaking into our personal headspace every day, that a healthy skepticism is necessary. I described these memes as one example of a real barrier to my own personal sanctification. I shared this with my audience as I share all my writings, with an aim to edify, encourage, and point people to Jesus through scripture. Definitely not to shame or point fingers at anyone.

      Thanks again. I sincerely appreciate the time you took to comment!



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