Are your prayers “good enough”?

 Sincere prayer has really been on my heart lately -- wondering whether I am praying "sincerely enough". Naturally, we expect "good" prayer to result in the clouds opening with a flourish and Jesus coming out to smile upon us. If that were true, it would only be logical that "bad" prayers result in nothing, and... Continue Reading →

Noticing my new heart

After all the years in church, bible study, volunteering, I sometimes I wonder if I really get it. Not that I doubt God's sovereignty, or that Jesus takes away the sins of the world. I wonder if I am as sincere as I think I am. It feels like I am just barely getting by,... Continue Reading →

not my effort, but Yours

I close my eyes real tight and try to imagine what Jesus would say, and how I would respond. I try to absorb his words and manufacture feelings of gratitude and deep love for Him. I force open a receiving heart and use a crowbar to break down fleshly strongholds. My ears are ringing with... Continue Reading →

Early morning strength

There is nothing I love better than sitting on my balcony with a cup of coffee and a bible. Early morning, preferably, before others are awake. I'm a big believer in getting started on the day on the right foot. If I haven't gotten enough sleep or eaten in the morning I feel sort of... Continue Reading →

Refreshed and Ready

It seems so long ago that I wrote my last post, and I am very sorry to have been interrupted, but I have a very good reason... 😀   After all the stress and chaos and nervous excitement of the wedding and all that happened before, during, and after, life is finally beginning to settle... Continue Reading →

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