[New Study!] Love Notes from God

Welp, It’s February! And you know what that means… cupid’s arrow in your face and heart-shaped everything exploding into shades of pink and red everywhere you walk!

The other day I walked into my local grocery store and was immediately distracted by the Valentines displays of all sorts of plastic junk and candy no one ever needs (except for the bag of chocolates I had to purchase.) I happily walked back to my car with my purchase, only to realize I hadn’t gotten any of the actual groceries on my list.


This year I want to be intentional about Valentines day. That’s why for the next 2 weeks days, we are going exploring all the ways in which God teaches us about love through scripture. But not romantic love, we are talking AGAPE love.

“Agape love is always shown by what it does… [it] is unmerited, gracious, and constantly seeking the benefit of the ones He loves.” (http://www.gotquestions.org/agape-love.html) It is sacrificial love, and it is not possible to obtain or give unless it comes from God.

I pray that these daily messages from scripture will help remind and drive us toward being the SALT & LIGHT in the world we are called to be.


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