Love Notes Series – We Are Obedient Out Of Gratitude

Good morning friends, here is today’s love note from your God

Isaiah says that all the time and effort we spend trying to be holy and obedient to God is nothing but filthy rags compared to what Jesus has done for us (Is 64:6).

And even though we know this fact intellectually, we constantly act as though any of our good works accomplish anything toward our salvation.

Because that’s how the world works, isn’t it? You give something, you take something. That’s how the game has been played since day 1 and it’s easy to assume that God plays that way too.

But no, Jesus didn’t stand at the foot of the cross looking at his watch and tapping his foot, waiting to see what I would choose. He died BEFORE we ever believed and converted, confessed and turned toward God. This is how we know that we have done nothing to save ourselves.


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