Let’s study Joshua


This month on the blog we are going to explore the book of Joshua. If you’ve never read it, it’s a great time to jump in because one of the major themes of this book is God’s provision. What a better time to read about how He provides, then during harvest time?

The book of Joshua picks up at the tail end of Israel’s 40 years wandering the desert. Moses has just died, and God has commissioned Joshua as the one who will lead Israel to take possession of the land promised to them. However, it is going to be difficult. The promised land is already fully inhabited with thousands of people from many different walks of life.


  1. Read 1 chapter per day
  2. Journal what you learn
  3. [Optional] Mozy over to the Tea & Testimony Facebook group and post your favorite thing about that day’s reading

Simple enough, right? I’ll be posting what I’m learning daily through the SOAK method but you can study any way you want. What’s the SOAK method?

(!!!) Disclaimer: Although I’ll be posting what I’m learning, please Don’t take my word for truth! It’s not enough (and potentially damaging) to just read someone else’s interpretation. Read it for yourself, and through prayer and application, God will teach you.

Before you begin, get a better understanding of the book’s context by reading this introduction to Joshua.

May you receive all of God’s Word! Happy reading! See you tomorrow 🙂

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