Now that Achan and his family have been rid of, the Israelites set out once again to destroy Ai, as the Lord commanded. Before they do, however, God gives them his blessing.


God does not hold our sins against us forever. He accepts our offerings and contrition (in this case, the effort of Israel to rid themselves of the disobedience of Achan) and blesses us when he sees we turn away from sin.


There are certain things God asks of us, and you success is guaranteed when you obey. He has given us his inheritance of heaven and of adoption into his royal family. However, the process of taking possession of that inheritance is often easier said than done. Sometimes it is frightening, sometimes he asks us to do things that don’t make humanly sense. But I know that his thoughts are higher than my thoughts and his ways are higher than my ways. Who can know the mind of God except for the Son and the Spirit?


Lord, I am having a hard time with the stoning and destruction of people throughout this book. That you not only ask us to take part in your creation, but also destruction of it. It seems to go against everything you stand for; yet I know that you are good. Help us to understand your plan. 

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