In obedience to God’s word, they gave Joshua the city which he had requested, Timnath serah in the hill country of Ephraim.

Joshua 19:50


Joshua was the eldest and greatest man in Israel at this time. He could have put aside the best lot available, and he could have settled himself first before seeing to it that all of Israel was settled. However, he did not seek his own best interest first. He was content to be unsettled until his job was finished. He is an example of true Godly leadership.

We read that the children of Israel are said to give the land to Joshua (v. 19:49). This shows his humility, that he would not take it to himself without  the people’s consent and approbation. Joshua would not satisfy himself, just as Jesus, who came in down in poverty came to provide for us all, not even having a place to lay his head.


Joshua wasn’t in this position for the status or the perks, but genuinely performed his calling. Also note that Joshua did not do this from his own power, but because God had been preparing and equipping him for his whole life.

What kind of calling do you hear on your conscience from God?

What act of obedience is required of you to fulfill it?


Lord, Thank you for the example of Joshua. with your help by his side, he carried out all that you commanded and saw it through to the end. We pray for the same courage and obedience to perform whatever calling you place on our hearts.

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