As God commanded, Joshua chose twelve men, one form each tribe of Israel and told them to go into the middle of the Jordan river and pick out twelve stones in all. They would use those stones to build a memorial.

They set up memory stones to remind themselves of what the Lord did for them there, in order that their children would ask and provide an opportunity to pass on stories of all the good deeds the Lord has done for them.

In his book God Moments, Alan D. Wright explores the importance of recognizing and remembering God’s presence in our lives.

Almost every book in the Bible alludes to the importance and power of memory. The Hebrew word for ‘male,’ zacha, comes from the word for memory, zachor. To be a real man in God’s eyes is to remember well. No one wants God’s people to remember His miracles more than God Himself.
How can I set up “memorial stones” to remind both myself and declare to the world what God has done for me? I know that God has done more for me than I can even remember. I keep an ongoing journal. When I write down my prayers and things that happen from day to day, I can look back in the future and see His work, even though it’s not obvious in the moment. How would you choose to remember?

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