After crossing the Jordan they circumcised all those born in the wilderness (by then all those who had been alive when Moses led the Jews from Egypt had died out) They they celebrated Passover and the manna stopped once they began to eat from the Canaanites’ crops. An angel tells Joshua to take off his sandals for he was standing on holy ground. It’s holy for it will be the site of triumph for God’s people.


The Amorite and Canaanite kings were all already afraid of the God of Israel, but this latest miracle “paralyzed them with fear” and they lost heart. Before the Lord will give Jericho over to them, however, he tells Joshua that they must reestablish covenant ceremonies. They must make themselves holy and purified.


How has the Lord gone to battle on my behalf? Do I recognize that “place” as holy? I must stop and consider what it is for me to do, versus what is it the Lord’s job to do? It is for him to take vengeance, but it is for me to forgive and that is a perfect harmony of justice and mercy. When I face a daunting task and my confidence falters, I first take off my sandals and fall face to the ground and say “I am at your command, what do you want your servant to do?”


God, thank you for fighting my battles. Thank you for the power and glory that is yours, that you generously share with me as your daughter. As a part of you kingdom I am your family and your family gets the benefit of your protection and power. Help me to always “take off my sandals” to bow before you. For everywhere I go is holy ground – I will triumph in you.

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