[New Study!] Love Notes from God

Welp, It's February! And you know what that means... cupid's arrow in your face and heart-shaped everything exploding into shades of pink and red everywhere you walk! The other day I walked into my local grocery store and was immediately distracted by the Valentines displays of all sorts of plastic junk and candy no one... Continue Reading →

The One Thing God Can’t Do

“The gift is God’s love, a God who can’t sever himself from us. That is the impotence of God. We say: ‘God is all powerful, He can do everything!” Except for one thing: Sever Himself from us! In the gospel, that image of Jesus who weeps over Jerusalem, helps us understand something about that love. Jesus wept! He wept over Jerusalem and that weeping is all about God’s impotence: his inability to not love (us) and not sever himself from us.”

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